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If you want to download any video or audio for yourself or it could be a moral story or cartoon for your kids, directly to your mobile without much effort, then it could be very difficult, if you don’t know how to do it.

You can freely use Snaptube apk for Android for this purpose, but if you don’t know where or how to download the original Snaptube apk file or how to use it, then don’t be sad, we’re here to assist you with every step,

Take a tea and relax. Here, we’ll discuss Snaptube apk download for Android step by step, to help you with downloading your favorite audio or video files directly to your mobile without any extra effort in no time.

Snaptube APK download for Android- A Quick Guide


Click ‘Download Now’ then ‘Download Anyway’ to start.

Snaptube APK Initiate Download


Open the downloaded SnapTube APK file.

Locate and open file for Snaptube APK


  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Allow Unknown Apps to be Installed’.
  • Click ‘Install’ to begin the installation process.
Adjust Setting Snaptube


After installation, click ‘Open the App’. Enjoy unlimited downloads!

Enjoy Snaptube

Download From 50+ Social Website with Snaptube

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Founder of Snaptube, Jichang Ding
Founder of Snaptube, Jichang Ding

The journey of Snaptube began with Jichang Ding. Jichang’s passion for innovation and relentless were the driving forces behind the creation of Snaptube.

Jichang’s journey began as a young engineer with a dream. He was inspired by the potential of technology to transform lives. But Jichang was not alone in this journey. He had a team of dedicated professionals. This team worked hard to bring vision of Jichang to life. They are the unsung heroes behind Snaptube.

Snaptube is a proud product of Mobiuspace, a company founded by Jichang Ding. Mobiuspace is a testament to Jichang’s dream of creating a digital platform that redefines the boundaries of technology and user experience. Under the umbrella of Mobiuspace, Snaptube continues its innovation journey, transforming the digital landscape one app at a time.

Snaptube is a free Android device application that allows its users to download audio or videos from different online social media platforms simply and quickly. You can download your favorite videos or songs from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, DailyMotion, and many other similar channels without going to their websites or apps.

Snaptube also works as an aggregator for you to bunch up all of your social media content from different online platforms in one place. It helps in an organized view of all your content.SnapTube was developed by China-based Mobiuspace, which has pushed various apps onto Google’s Play Store. Download SnapTube, though, hasn’t made the Play Store grade. The app was developed in China in November 2014; 8 years ago.

With Snaptube, users can look for content on all their platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and all others) without using numerous apps as mentioned before. As of June 2020, the application is used by over 100 million users. Snaptube is the product of Mobiuspace company from China. The Snaptube APK was developed in 2014. The company has developed many other apps and they’re available on Google’s Play Store.

Screen Shots

More Information



App Version


Release Date

Nov. 2014

Developed By

Mobispace Inc. (China)

Name of Package


Operating System



Entertainment/ Video or music

System Requirements

Android 5.0 or higher


English and 60 more


Free to use

Features of Snaptube App

Home Page Features images

The Snaptube app contains a list of features. We have gathered the best features offered by the Snaptube app which are given below:

Supports Multiple Platforms

Almost 50+ online platforms are supported by the Snaptube app. The best benefit is you can download videos from any platform like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

In Snaptube, you will get the option to add the platform of your choice using the “+” option.

For example, if you are using the Instagram official website and you want to download a specific video like “xyz,” then you don’t need to worry.

Just copy the URL of that specific video.

When you open Snaptube, you can paste the URL and download it. Alternatively, you can directly access any platforms from Snaptube.

Supports Multiple Platforms


Most people don’t like to watch videos and songs with ads because ads take up much time. So, a lot of people want to save their time or manage their time simply by enjoying Snaptube.

On Snaptube apk, you can watch any video without any ads. This means you can enjoy media without the tension of ads, giving you more time to watch.

Different Quality Resolutions

Most of the time, people care about video quality and music, and they want to watch media in high resolution. Snaptube apk android provides a solution to this problem.

If you are on the media screen, simply click on the “Three Dots” option, and then you can select resolutions from 144P to 1080 HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD.

Different Quality Resolutions
MP3 Downloads from YouTube

MP3 Downloads from YouTube

When we use other platforms, we often want to download videos into MP3 format. This is because when we close the app, the video stops playing. We prefer to listen to video music or podcasts in MP3 format so they can play smoothly.

Without Snaptube, we would need different software for music, videos, etc. Snaptube gives us the solution where we can download videos and video music in MP3 files.

Fast Download Speed

You can download files of almost all sizes, from small to large HD quality videos, in no time at a very fast speed. Due to this feature, Snaptube is loved by its users.

Dark-Mode View

Dark-Mode View

Snaptube provides the facility for viewers who are used to using media at night to use Dark Mode for the safety of their eyesight.

If they use the same Snaptube during the day, they can use Light Mode as well. Using Dark mode in daylight might affect screen visibility, so Light Mode is recommended during the day.

Thanks to Snaptube for providing this amazing feature.

Free and Limitless

The Snaptube app is free for all users. Unlike YouTube, which has both free and Premium subscriptions, Snaptube gives all data free of cost. Everyone can enjoy and watch videos without any restrictions on how many videos or songs they watch or listen to, making it limitless.

Free and Limitless
  Take Less Space

Take Less Space

The Snaptube apk download for Android occupies very little space on your phone, so you don’t need to worry about your device storage. Additionally, this app allows its users to download videos in different file sizes according to their needs.

Smart Search Recommendation

Another feature of the Snaptube apk is that it provides different search recommendations to its users to help them get excellent and latest trending results.

Smart Search Recommendation

WhatsApp Status Saver

With this app, you can save WhatsApp Status as well. You don’t need to download any extra app for WhatsApp Status. You can save videos, images, and all types of Status very easily.

To save a Status, go to the Setting Option -> WhatsApp Status Saver, where you will find two options:

Download and Forward.

Hide Files

If you want to hide videos, music, and photos, you can simply add them to the Vault Feature. The Vault Feature allows you to lock your videos, photos, and music. The benefit is that your files will not be seen in the play tab.

 Hide Files
Phone Performance Boost

Phone Performance Boost

Snaptube apk gives us the feature where we can clean and free up our mobile space. In the setting option, Snaptube  gives us the option of Phone Clean.

Here, we get multiple features like Junk Files, Boost, Battery Saver, Large Files Clean, WhatsApp Clean, Photos Clean, and App Uninstaller.

With these options, you can free up your phone memory, and ultimately, your phone performance will boost. If your phone hangs during use, you can use this feature with the help of Snaptube apk.

The best benefit is that under the Boost option, you get the percentage of how much boost it will give your phone.

Recover Deleted Files

If you have mistakenly deleted some files, then no need to worry. With the help of Snaptube, you can get a backup of your removed files.

Recover Deleted Files

Alternatives of Snaptube

There are many other video downloader apps like the Snaptube video downloader app. Some of them are given below:


TubeMate video downloader is an alternative to the Snaptube apk. TubeMate allows its users to select the video resolutions before downloading the video. It also contains features like, user-friendly interface, multiple languages, different resolutions, and many more.


One of the most popular and strong alternatives to the Snaptube app is KeepVid. Like the Snaptube apk, it also allows its users to download videos from almost 10000+ different online video sites. So, you can try something new by using KeepVid.


NewPipe is an open source, reachable, and solid Android app that acts as a YouTube application for users. NewPipe is a secure and user-friendly alternative to the Snaptube app. With this app, you can convert your written text into audio. It requires a little space on your device.

The Snaptube app for Android has many other competitors also. But we’ll discuss them in other posts.

Latest Version of the Snaptube App

The Snaptube app also gets updates and removes bugs and viruses from time to time. This helps to boost and enhance the user experience. One of the latest versions is Changelog.

New Features of the Latest Version

  • With the help of the latest version, you can download video and audio files from many extra sites at a single time and these downloads are not stopped or interrupted.
  • You can download videos in different qualities and resolutions with the help of the latest updated version of the Snaptube app. Ranging from 720p to 2K and many more.
  • Dark mode and floating window options are also available in the latest version.
  • You can easily add many new online platforms to the Homepage of your Snaptube app.
  • You can also change your videos into MP3 audio files with ease.

Further APK Versions of the Snaptube

There are some other apk versions available of the Snaptube app. Some are given below:

Beta Apk

It is the trial version and contains more features than the regular version. The Beta version also contains some issues and bugs to check the app for its smoothness and stability.

Lite Apk

This version of the Snaptube is used on devices that are not carried up by the regular version. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface for its users. It is a tiny version of the Snaptube apk.

Samsung Downloader

Even though many built-in apps are available for Samsung users. But no app is more suitable for downloading videos. So, this version is here for all the Samsung users.

SnapTube App | User Guide

  • The easiest and the best method to download videos from multiple online platforms is using the Snaptube app. The Snaptube app is the one-stop shop for Android users.
  • If you’re in search of a Snaptube apk download for Android, then you have come to the right place. It can be downloaded on your device or you can use it also on the web.
  • With the help of this app, you can download anything from different online platforms in no time without going to those apps. Just one thing you need to do is to download the Snaptube apk for Android.
  • You can download your videos in many different resolutions. So, you don’t need to worry about video quality. You can download videos ranging from 144p to 4K HD and the audio formats in MP3 and M4A with the help of the Snaptube app for Android.
  • The Snaptube app has a user-friendly interface. You can simply download any audio or video with just one button click. You don’t need to copy-paste the links or choose file locations or resolutions like other video downloader apps.
  • Snaptube’s built-in feature allows you to watch your downloaded videos in offline mode with continuous and unstoppable enjoyment and entertainment anywhere or anytime.

Devices that support the Snaptube App

Snaptube is supported by many devices. Some of them are as:

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Snaptube is free for its user to download audio and video files from multiple online platforms directly to their device.

The Snaptube app for Android is approved and verified by top antivirus companies like McAfee, and CM Security. So, it is safe and secure for its users.

When you open the file, a message appears on the screen to ask you to update your application. In this way, you can update your app to fix the issues and other bugs.

Mobispace is a China-based company that developed the Snaptube app. There are many other apps developed by the Mobispace company

Sad! You cannot use the Snaptube app for live streaming. As it is a video downloader app. You can use Showbox or other apps which provide video streaming services.

Yes, you can still download your videos from the Snaptube app by using it. You can download many videos as per your need.

Open the Snaptube app and type or paste the URL of your required music files in the search bar. After that, you can simply download the file to your device directly.

Yes, it is the trial version and contains more features than the regular version. The Beta version also contains some issues and bugs to check the app for its smoothness and stability.

Yes, you can download High-Quality videos with the help of the Snaptube app. However, some of the videos do not support High-Quality video formats. So, you have to download them as they are available.

Simply search for the video you want to download, then select the size, resolution, and format of the video, a download button will appear at the bottom right of your screen.

Open the Snaptube app, then go the “My Video” from the menu to share the downloaded videos. Here. You can select any video from the downloaded files to share it with your friends.

Snaptube app is very secure and it does not share the data of the users with anyone. So, you don’t need to be concerned about privacy.

As the Snaptube app is not available on the Google Play Store, that’s why you cannot install this app directly to your Android device.

Last Words

Finally, the result is that if you are in search of an app to download videos or you want to convert your videos into MP3 audio files, then the best choice is the Snaptube apk download for Android. Because the app is free, easy to use, secure & safe, has high-quality resolutions, and has many other features. It has all the qualities that are demanded by the users. So, you can download it and give it a try.